Reader Letter: ‘Booking an appointment at Diss surgery is so tough’

Reader Letters from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter
Reader Letters from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter

I would like to comment on last week’s Diss Express letters , regarding Mr Vincent’s comments on the poor service received at Diss Health Centre.

My wife and myself are both 76, and both disabled, finding life hard, unable to walk at all without help or the use of disability equipment, and both in constant pain.

We find dealing with receptionists at the Parish Fields practice very difficult.

I have been told if I get there at 8am, wait outside until the doors open at 8.30am, I have a chance of an appointment.

I am also told to ring in at 8.30am. Many times I have had to dial up to 100 times before I am able to get a receptionist.

When you do get an answer you are told all appointments for our doctor are gone.

They will not book appointments forward for next day or later in the week.

I have tried to explain we can’t do late appointments as we have help in the house to cook an evening meal, as my wife is not safe boiling water - she also needs help getting ready for bed at about 5pm.

I have asked at times to whom I am speaking - they refuse to give a name.

We are just old people that don’t matter.

Myself and my wife visit the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital many times a year with our problems.

We find all the receptionists, its nurses, consultants and doctors at this hospital to be really helpful, really kind, and really caring.

They will book appointments to suit us. It would be impossible to find fault with the service we receive.

I would, however, add that my wife’s and my doctor, Doctor Thorneley, gives 110 per cent.

No fault to find here - a first class, caring doctor.

Neville Pearson

Victoria Road