Police called to collisions across south Norfolk following snowfall

Norfolk Police have been called to a series collisions this morning following a heavy snowfall overnight.

Police were called to The Street junction with Hall Road at Pulham St Mary at 8.05am, following a three-vehicle collision, involving a wall. The road remains blocked.

Police were also called to the A11 at Larling at 8am following a two-vehicle collision. The A11 remains closed at the B1111 Thetford bound.

While some roads remain blocked causing congestion, the majority of collisions appear to be minor and have not resulted in any serious injuries.

Officers continue to remind people to drive carefully in the current road conditions, remembering to remove all snow from their vehicles before starting their journeys and to make sure they use their lights when visibility is bad.

In winter weather, driving conditions can deteriorate fast, making driving hazardous.

Norfolk Police are advising motorists to:

n Make sure all your car lights are working and you have no failed bulbs. Ensure that dirt, salt and snow is cleared away from light fixtures.

n Always ensure all windows are fully cleared of snow, frost and condensation before setting off on a journey - it is illegal to drive with obscured vision.

n Also clear snow from the top of the car as this can fall down and obscure your windscreen while you are driving.

n Keep windscreen washer fluid topped up as windscreens quickly become dirty from traffic spray and salt from the roads.

n Make sure you have sufficient fuel for your journey. Keep the fuel tank topped up.

n Give yourself extra time for your journey and drive at a constant speed. Accept your journey will take longer and don’t take risks.

n Take a mobile telephone with you and make sure it is fully charged. Carry a mobile charger in the car.