Palgrave author to sign new book in Diss about women and their sheds

Gill Heriz, the author of 'A Woman's Shed' ANL-140513-154559001
Gill Heriz, the author of 'A Woman's Shed' ANL-140513-154559001

A Palgrave author is signing copies of her recently-released debut book about women and their sheds on Saturday May 17.

Gill Heriz, a member of the Palgrave Community Council, wrote ‘A Woman’s Shed’ after spending the last two years visiting more than 70 women, both locally and abroad, who had built shed-based living and working areas.

She said: “My inspiration was a meeting with a woman who has built many fine sheds in her life. Three years ago, I Googled ‘women’s sheds’ and it came back with ‘Do you mean men’s sheds?’ and then ‘Do you mean women’s shoes?’

“I thought it would be a challenge to try and make women’s sheds visible and celebrate them through their stories and photos.”

After the concept was picked up by Cico Books in London, Gill, who has a background in art and interior design, began exploring women’s sheds in Diss and wider Norfolk with her photographer, Nicolette Hallett, who lives in Thrandeston.

“I had friends who recommended others and I started rummaging around networks on the Internet. I found artistic women from all over the world who had made their own unique sheds to work and spend time in,” she said.

Over the following months, she travelled to France and Boston, Massachusetts in the USA in her endeavour to disprove the classic stereotype that shed activities are a hobby purely for men.

With ‘A Woman’s Shed’ now available, Gill has started work on her next book, which continuing the theme of women and their creative spaces.

The signing will take place at Diss Publishing from 10.30am to 12.30pm. There will also be a launch party in Mellis on May 31, where attendees can meet some of the women featured in the book.