Painting bought from Diss hits our screens on Sunday

Latest News from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter
Latest News from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter

A painting bought at a Diss auction room for £11,000 could be worth well more than £300,000 as it becomes the subject of the BBC’s Fake or Fortune program to be broadcast on Sunday.

Purchased in TW Gaze in Roydon Road, Diss, back in 2007, Fiona Bruce and art dealer and historian Philip Mould will attempt to see whether the works belong to Eduoard Vuillard, a French post-impressionist painter. The large oval picture of a Parisian café scene does not appear in his official records of his work.

Keith Tutt, a resident of Hardingham, purchased the painting at auction from a Suffolk family.

The program attempts to verify whether it is one of Vuillard’s paintings, the search spanning Switzerland, France and Holland.

If it proves to be a Vuillard work, it could be worth 30 times more than what it was bought for almost seven years ago.

Auction rooms manager Matt Brand told the Diss Express: “It will be interesting to hear the outcome. The auction room is only a very small part of the program but that is where it (the painting) started its journey.

“We don’t know the full outcome as of yet bet we are excited. I am sure he will be very delighted if he gets the £300,000 that is mentioned!

He added: “We can’t know everything about it, but we are happy the painting was as described.

“I think this exposure will be a real shot in the arm for the local auction house.”

Mr Brand also confirmed Bargain Hunt would return to TW Gaze to film in autumn.

Bruce and Mould visited TW Gaze in March 2013 to film for the episode.

Speaking to the Diss Express at the filming, presenter Bruce said: “This is my first time in Diss, and my first visit to TW Gaze. It’s a lovely auction house.

“Auctions are such fun things to attend, but I try not to bid myself, as there are too many temptations!”

Fake or Fortune will be broadcast 6pm Sunday on BBC One.