North Suffolk village’s treasure story features in popular American magazine

A north Suffolk village is featured in the latest edition of an American news magazine.

The Week has included the story of the Hoxne Hoard in a feature on people who have accidentally stumbled upon a fortune.

The hoard story started in November 1992, when farmer Peter Whatling lost a hammer in one of his fields, and asked Eric Lawes to use his metal detector to search for it.

While looking for the hammer, Lawes happened upon a hoard comprising 24 bronze coins, 565 gold coins, 14,191 silver coins, plus hundreds of gold and silver spoons, jewellery, and statues, all dating back to the Roman Empire.

Mr Whatling and Mr Lawes eventually received £1.75 million for the find, and the Hoxne Hoard is now on permanent display at the British Museum.

Founded in the UK in 1995, The Week started its US edition six years later.

Its story about the Hoxne Hoard can be found online: