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RSPCA seeks Giant African Land Snail home

Ten Giant African Land Snails are in need of a new home at the RSPCA’s Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk Branch.

They are interesting pets to look after - though they do require care and attention, just like any other pet - these snails in particular enjoy a varied diet including courgettes and dill.

Chloe Shorten, Head of Animal Welfare at the branch, said: “They are not your average pet but they can make fantastic, fascinating companions. Sadly we have had these for a year and a half now - and we would love for them to go to new homes. They are such unique pets and are always a talking point.

Giant Snail
Giant Snail

“They do breed quickly and their enclosures need sweeping of eggs, so anyone taking on a Giant African Land Snail would need to humanely dispatch the eggs to prevent them from multiplying or you will find your number doubles very quickly!”

They snails came from an owner who became overwhelmed by their growing numbers. The exotic pets are renowned for the rate at which they can multiply as they are hermaphrodites, so they possess both male and female reproductive organs. Even single snails kept on their own are capable of laying eggs, so the branch is hoping to find owners who can be diligent about tending their enclosure to ensure numbers do not spiral out of control.

Giant African Land Snails can grow to shell sizes of 18cm (7in) by 9cm (3.5in), making them the largest land snail species known.

Their normal habitat is among the tropical wetlands and forests of sub-Saharan Africa, so they need to be housed in a humid living environment at temperatures maintained over 20°C (68°F).

Anyone interested in adopting one or more of the Giant African Land Snails should in the first instance, fill out an enquiry form at https://bit.ly/3TW3eWi

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