Mysterious lights seen in south Norfolk skies

For one south Norfolk dog walker, what he saw at the weekend could not be explained.

It was not an aircraft and it was not a strange weather phenomenon – he was quite clear – it was a UFO.

Jeremy le Poer Power, 66, of Smallworth Common, was walking his dog on Garboldisham's playing fields at 12.30am on Saturday, when he saw a yellow beam of light darting around above him.

He said: "It shot across the sky repeatedly for about ten minutes and was darting about in all directions above the playing fields.

"The light wasn't meeting with the ground – it finished in the skyline. It wasn't a plane or anything, it was definitely a UFO. It all went on for about ten minutes – I was very scared."

Mr le Poer Power, who walks his dog frequently at that time of night, said he had not seen anything of its kind before and was open minded about the possibility of it originating from beyond our planet.

Norfolk UFO Society committee member John Sayer, who has been researching UFOs for nearly 40 years, said it sounded an unusual sighting: "That is not a very common description. People usually talk about a ball of light or a visible craft of some kind so this is quite unique."

Mr Sayer said sightings in rural areas were common because of the lack of light pollution at night time. Sightings are often not directly up but at a low angle, and that is why rural sightings are common.

"There always seems to be an increase in UFO reports in the summer months, but it is not clear why."

Since the news broke on this website earlier this week, there have been reports of two other sightings as well as other feedback.

Mrs P Cooper from East Harling reported a similar sighting to Mr le Poer Power earlier that evening.

She said in a message posted below: "I saw a light going across the sky from left to right repeatedly. It was kind of spooky as the sky ahead of me was very dark so this showed up like a white spot of light. My son also saw it from the recreation ground across the fields."

Meanwhile, former Diss resident Tony Sandy wrote to say he had seen a UFO, described as a long black needle shape, as he was walking between Uplands Way and Willbye Avenue in 1966.

Garboldisham is midway between Diss and Thetford on the Norfolk-Suffolk border and the sighting is not the first in the area, with Suffolk named a UFO hotspot earlier this year.

Have you spotted any UFOs in south Norfolk or north Suffolk or can you suggest what the mystery lights might have been? Post your comments below, email

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Anne-Marie Clark, of Kenninghall, was out on the night of the sightings at a concert in Wymondham.

She said: "It had been a very hot day and it was a clear night but the temperature was dropping.

"By the time we got home it was 11.30pm. It became quite cold when I saw the light but I didn't think anything of it until I started reading the reports.

"My husband has a theory that phosphorous could have been behind the lights.

"Phospherous could be in the soil from the days of the Jack-o'-lanterns that used to be in the fields.

"The changing atmospheric conditions could have brought the phosphorus up into the sky, causing the lights."

Graham Musk, of Walcott Rise, Diss, said the mystery lights described by Mr le Poer Power could easily be explained.

"It is night lightening caused by static electricity," he said. "It is an old phenomenon around here. It is static electricity going from one cloud to another."

Annette, East Harling: "I too saw this light. My neighbour called us about 10.15 that evening to tell us about it. He and his wife, had just driven from Diss to East Harling and seen it in the sky all the way home.

"My husband and myself, together with our neighbours, watched it for about half an hour or so, it was moving from left to right and then back again covering exactly the same area.

"It did not seem to moving towards or away from us at all. The light did not appear to be coming from the ground as there was no beam. It was in the sky in a north westerly position. It was hard to say how far away it was but as it had been visible from Diss I assume it was some distance away.

"My husband went out again at about midnight and it was still there, moving left to right as before. He looked about half an hour later and it seemed to have gone.

"We did not assume that there was any sinister explanation, only that it might be from the battle area as there was a lot of activity at that


"My husband thought it might be a helicoptor moving above the clouds but it would have been moving in exactly the same position for

at least two hours.

"I don't know what it was only that it was quite unusual."

Kirsten, Bury St Edmunds: "I was sharing an evening with my friend at her home in Norton, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. During the evening, at around 11pm, we were contacted by one of my friend's neighbours to come outside.

"As we did so, we were alerted to a yellow/green beam of light in the sky. The beam was semi-circular in shape and moving right to left, high in the sky. It was moving in a pendulum motion, steadily moving back and forth.

"A group of six people congregated, watching the beam and we watched the 'light' move for up to an hour, trying to decide what we thought it may have been – was it a reflection? Was it a late night dog walker out with a torch?

"We could not be sure, but felt the beam would not have been so apparent if this were the case. We were sure we were watching a UFO. We watched the beam for a further period of time until we decided to go inside. I must admit it was a little unnerving.

"Over the following weekend I shared my experience with my family. It was then that a relative, Jan Romer, of Thetford, also mentioned he had seen a beam of light in the sky, late evening on the Friday.

"Could this have been coincidence? I will let you decide. I have always thought of myself to be a 'non believer' in such stories and myths. However the way my legs turned to stone and felt solid on this evening, certainly made me challenge my own beliefs."

Carl, Harleston: "I also saw the strange lights over the Diss area on the 4th of July. I live in Harleston and the lights were faint but visible in a westerly direction.

"It seemed like a spot light rotating in an elliptical orbit. The strange thing about that is the spot light had no beam. It seemed to be emanating from above the cloud (pointing downwards).

"It had a movement speed of about 1 mile per second and seemed to travel in an orbit of around 2 miles.

"At first it was a little eerie but after time passed it seemed to rhythmical to be anything but ordinary, but what is ordinary these days?"

Ray Fenn, Kenninghall: "On returning from King's Lynn speedway on Friday at approx 11.30pm, I stopped my car in my driveway to my house to let my son get out.

"He got out of the car and said to me! "Look in the sky dad, a flying saucer."

I said don't be stupid, he insisted that I looked, in the end I had to look. I could not believe my eyes what I saw.

"High in the sky was a long thin light moving from north to west. It was a white line of light, wavering across the sky.

"I watched it for about half an hour. The light was moving backwards an forwards very quickly.

"From Kenninghall it was the direction of East Harling to Garboldisham. I have never seen anything like it before, my wife also saw it but could'nt make out what it was.

"My thoughts were that it was lights from Stanford battle area or from Mildenhall/Lakenheath airbases, but at that time at night?"

Paul and Julie Barker, Morningthorpe: "We also spotted the bright light hovering in the sky at the slghtly earlier time of 11.30 on the 4th July.

"Our dogs started acting strangely and pacing the kitchen. I went outside to look and saw this phenomena darting left to right over Long Stratton.

"We live at Morningthorpe with no street lighting, little traffic and therefore it was easily visible just above a line of trees on the horizon.

"It was visible for ten to 15 minutes and we got the video camera out but were unsuccessful in getting it to record.

"It was definitely unexplained phenomena."

Sarah Cubley, East Harling: "I too saw the lights in East Harling. It was about 11pm on Friday, when my niece Chloe Breeze, rung me all excited, to say that, travelling home from New Buckenham, with her parents, they saw the lights and they seemed to follow them back to East Harling .

"I went out into my back garden and standing on my picnic bench, I could see the lights. I thought from their appearance they may have been lasers light as they were shaped like two small clouds(one below the other, and slightly to the left), and they moved left to right.

"It was a cloudy night and my attempts to record it on my camera failed as did my sister's."

Anne Burton: "I was so glad to see the front page article as my partner and myself both saw something very strange that night too.

"We were driving home from Norwich on the A11 going towards Attleborough. I saw a large light in the sky which moved really quickly (much faster than a plane, almost like it had been fired from a catapult) across the sky and then back again.

"It looked like a large light beam in the sky (but there was no trace of a beam going upwards; it looked almost like the cloud was lit from the other side.

"My partner then spotted it (I hadn't said anything because I thought there was bound to be a good explanation (and I'd had a couple of vodkas!) and we watched it for quite a while going more slowly backwards and forwards.

"At one point we pulled over and got out of the car to look.

"Suffice to say we are still baffled and would love to know if anyone else saw it (there was a fair bit of traffic on the A11 for that time of night, around about 12 to 12.45) and also if anyone knows what it was."

Shane Friend: "I was searching for recent UFO sightings in Norfolk and stumbled across this report.

"On Friday I was staying at my uncle's, about two miles from Mildenhall, just off the A11.

"We had had a few drinks and I was inside with my little cousins, when my uncle called us into the garden to come and look at the sky. He had seen a flickering yellow beam going across the sky but thought he was seeing things because he had been drinking.

"But when we all went out into the garden we could all see it. It was a yellow beam that was flickering up into the sky diagonally. When it got to its highest point, it seemed to fade green then disappear. About 30 seconds later it did the same thing. This happened for around 10-20 minutes.

"I have never seen anything like it and it was quite scary. We first saw it between 11.15-11.30pm."

Jan Romer: "We too saw lights in the sky over Thetford on Friday 4th July. It was at 11.15pm and went on for approximately 25 minutes.

"It was a white beam that went from right to left in a wave effect, then from left to right. Very strange and nothing that we have ever seen before.

"We contacted our neighbours, a retired American from the USAF and his wife and they also saw the lights. It was not a beam from the ground but a strong beam from above the clouds.

"There was no noise and it was not an aircraft or helicopter.

"On Monday my wife mentioned the strange experience to her colleagues in her office and was advised that some of them had also experienced the lights over Old Buckenham and Kenninghall at the same time about 11.30pm.

"Since then several other people have confirmed they also saw them.

"Very strange."

Elizabeth, Diss: "I do not believe in UFOs; however, I did see something one night that I find inexplicable!

"I lived in Gislingham and one night as I was preparing my evening coffee I noticed 5 lights going up and round the Church.

"I just thought they were People in cars with their headlights playing games. Then it struck me that car headlights would not be able to move like that. I called to my husband to come and look but he was watching TV! I took my coffee upstairs came down for another look but the lights had gone."

Harry Batey: "Following your story on the UFO spotted over Diss last weekend, I wanted to add that I was out fishing near Hoxne at around 11.30pm last Friday and also saw a very similar light/shape as reported on the front of the Express today.

"It circled around for approx an hour and I noticed it again later over Diss."

Tony Sandy, Kilmarnock: "Funnily enough I'm a Diss person in Kilmarnock and there were two sightings up here in May and funnily enough the same time last year, when we moved in.

"I might have seen something at that time (last May) but can't swear it wasn't three microlights in formation as the objects in question were moving very slowly at cloud level (cumulo nimbus).

"However, my first and most interesting sighting of a UFO was in Diss itself, when I was still at school (Summer, 1966?).

"I and some friends were cutting through the pathway from Uplands Way, across to Willbye Avenue, when I noticed this gigantic, black needle shape in the sky, several hundred feet long I should imagine.

"I stood transfixed for about ten minutes as it drifted slowly over the Secondary Modern School, while my compatriots, including the form captain and a cousin of mine walked onto the swings as if nothing was happening.

"At the time I was perplexed at this but years later came across mention of something called a 'SEP' (Somebody Else's Problem) in one of Douglas Adams 'Hitch-Hikers Guides to the Galaxy' books, that explained it beautifully as something invisible to everybody but those concerned enough with it to interact.

"It was mentioned and illustrated in John Keel's book, 'UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse' as being seen all over the world.

"If anybody else remembers seeing it I'd be interested to hear from them."

C.C.M.Parish, Stoke Ash: "My friend Zkwar Vnygh apologises for frightening Mr Power, with his UFO.

"When he visits me from the PN185 galaxy he uses a quantum distant force transporter. As you know, this requires very precise information about the source.

"His dog insists on running in front of the detector, just on launch. On arrival, the quark pieces must be collected by the laser scanner and this causes the yellow light. Actually, it should be infra red, but the time shift alters the colour spectrum."