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MPs Liz Truss and Richard Bacon join chorus of disapproval for Bressingham’s Deal Farm plan

MPs Richard Bacon and Liz Truss have penned objections to the latest edition of the Deal Farm biogas plant planning application.

Revised plans for the semi-constructed plant, which have already generated more than 60 objections from members of the public, were submitted in June.

In his letter of objection, Richard Bacon, the MP for South Norfolk, said: “I must express my strong objection this application. It is frustrating to note that despite the refusal of the previous application, Deal Farm Biogas has submitted a new proposal which appears to be not substantively different.

MPs Liz Truss and Richard Bacon
MPs Liz Truss and Richard Bacon

“The reiteration of very similar applications, in the face of substantial local opposition, is not only disappointing but also dismissive of the concerns of my constituents.

“The plant’s proposed location remains a problem due to its inadequate road infrastructure for heavy traffic.”

Road safety and HGV traffic on narrow country lanes has been the most consistently voiced concerns by opponents of the plans, with a revised application having already been refused, largely on those grounds, at the end of last year.

A demolition order has since been made for the construction, and a subsequent attempt to claim that approved permission for the site dating 2015, is still valid, has been refused.

MP for South West Norfolk, Liz Truss, made the following objection last week.

“Although outside South West Norfolk, this matter still impacts my constituents.

“It is clear that what has been built is wholly different to the 2015 application and given this unauthorised development, my constituents do not have faith that the new plan would be adhered to either.

“The application also continues to pose an unnaceptable risk to highway safety.

“The new haul road would comprise 25 passing places on what is a single track rural road network. This would endanger cyclists, horse riders, runners and walkers.

“I urge South Norfolk Council to refuse this application and take appropriate enforcement action.”

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