MEMORY LANE: Syleham Mill before it was wrecked by fire

Olive Saunders of Harleston sent the Diss Express this photo of Syleham Mills.

The 93-year-old shared 
her memories of the mill before it was wrecked by fire in 1930.

She said: “I remember it well as I used to pass the mill every day on my way to school with my sister and brother.

“We were out for a walk that day and the mill was well alight. What a sad day.

“I also remember opposite the clothing factory a clock on the wall and many people passed by to know the time.

“Many people went on foot, there were not many bikes about and very few cats.

“Most men worked on farms and were lucky at weekends if they could afford to go out for a pint and a smoke.

“Last but not least was the toll gate, which was there for many years.

“Sad but sweet memories of the past and the way we were.”

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