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LONDON ATTACK: ‘You are always aware you are in an environment that may be a target’ - reaction from Central Suffolk MP Dr Dan Poulter

Central Suffolk MP Dr Dan Poulter.
Central Suffolk MP Dr Dan Poulter.

Central Suffolk and North Ipswich MP Dr Dan Poulter says his thoughts are with the family of the police officer stabbed in this afternoon’s attack at Westminster.

Dr Poulter was returning to Westminster from The Strand after giving a quick lecture at King’s College, London, when he first became aware of what was wrong.

He has since made it safely to a friend’s flat in London, and confirmed his staff members are also safe.

Reports suggest at least four people may have been killed in the incident, though police say they are currently unable to confirm the full number of casualties.Dr Poulter told BBC Radio Suffolk: “I suddenly noticed a lot of police sirens were going off. Clearly, there has been what appears to be a terrosist attack. Parliament was in lockdown and ambulances and the air ambulance were arriving.

“Certainly, the police were very tense, with many armed police with drawn weapons ready to use, and lots of paramedics on the scene.”

Dr Poulter explained he advised his staff on site to barricade themselves in their office, as per the standard safety procedures, and he has spoken to them again to make sure they are safe.

He credited the police for their rapid response to the incident, stating: “It suddenly does put into context that we do have some very brave members of the police force, and paramedics and other members of the emergency services who look after us and protect us and keep us safe.

“You are always aware of the police presence (at Parliament) and to some extent, you become slightly immune that there are armed police on sight.

“They are normally very jovial and smiling and always say hello to you, but they are always very present, and I would say the armed presence has increased in recent months and years.

“You are always aware you are working in an environment that may potentially be a target, but on a day to day basis, it does feel a safe place to work.

“That’s thanks to the work the police put in. We have some very highly skilled and well trained police in Parliament and I have every confidence in them.”

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