LETTER: ‘We are mindful of local community’

Reader Letters from the Diss Express, dissexpress.co.uk, @diss_express on Twitter
Reader Letters from the Diss Express, dissexpress.co.uk, @diss_express on Twitter

As you are no doubt aware, here at Midwich, we have had to face some testing traffic conditions over recent weeks due to roadworks in and around Victoria Road.

Leaving our Vinces Road offices by car at the end of the working day has never been plain sailing, but the maintenance, which we appreciate is necessary, has exacerbated the problem. It is not uncommon for staff to take an hour to get from the top of Vinces Road to the roundabout at Victoria Road.

As a key employer in the town, we are obviously keen not to cause problems with our fellow residents and have sent internal communications to all our staff to address this.

We have adequate parking here at the Midwich offices for all staff and parking off-site, at the inconvenience of local residents, is unacceptable.

Being one of dozens of businesses in and around Vinces Road, we are aware that we are not solely responsible for the build-up of traffic and the roadworks are not our fault, but we have taken the following steps to try and alleviate some of the congestion problems:

1. Campaigned for an additional traffic management initiative for the duration of roadworks – a stop/go board has been used and initial signs are that this has had a positive effect.

2. Allowing staggered leaving times – reducing the end-of-day rush.

3. Regular meetings and discussions with the council to hopefully find a more long-term solution.

As you will see, we are doing all we can to ensure our staff and others in Vinces Road, get home at a reasonable time. We hope that our ongoing discussions with the council have them saying the same.

Management and staff