LETTER: Just modern windmills

Reader Letters from the Diss Express, dissexpress.co.uk, @diss_express on Twitter
Reader Letters from the Diss Express, dissexpress.co.uk, @diss_express on Twitter

I think the turbines in Eye are absolutely stunning.

Windmills and their associated modern developments blend into their surroundings and environment quite effortlessly.

Using the wind to generate power and energy has been a part of our history for centuries and even though the new ones are on a much grander scale I just can’t see how anyone can say they detract from an areas’ beauty, especially places like airfields which 
are hardly deemed picturesque.

Not only are they technically and visually impressive, but we are finding them very handy as a barometer for wind direction and conditions as well as a good landmark for visiting friends .

So hats off to the people behind them, they have improved the airfield no end and are obviously clever enough in a business sense to generate their own energy.

Of course you wouldn’t want to live right under one so there needs to be some sensibility and sense in where they’re built, but I just can’t help but feel the people constantly slating them seem to have far too much time on their hands and need to realise we’re in an ever changing world. So, it doesn’t fit in with everyone’s sense of the perfect horizon, but to others they are impressive and fit in beautifully.

There are many arguments about their efficiency , and no doubt I will be bombarded with facts and figures, but what is true is that we are Europe’s windiest country and the technology is there to provide free energy in some shape or form, so why not use it? As a country we should lead the world in pioneering various methods of sourcing safe renewable energy, not constantly moaning.

I, and many friends in Eye have no problems with them, and in a world of soaring energy bills I salute anyone with the sense to source free or cheaper energy .

J Riddler

Wellington Road