LETTER: ‘Join me in charity utopia’

In these days of niche markets, why don’t we turn the whole of Diss into one big charity shop?

Charity begins at home.

We could become world famous - people would come from far and wide just to see us.

All the shops could be run by anyone that wanted to get rid of their own junk and Diss would pay a regular amount to all the existing charities - on Fridays we would have charity stalls for open air shoppers who can’t stand the smell of moth balls.

This would cut out all the guessing on which charity is going into the new empty shop. The only exception would be places of refreshment.

South Norfolk Council would grant free parking as it was for charity - there would be no parking tickets as its all for charity.

Nobody would want any council tax because its all for charity.

No need for police because nothing would be worth stealing so all their overtime could go to charity.

There are 180,000 registered charities in England and Wales - so even if the Scots are daft enough to leave us - we are not going to run out for a while.

Pete Gillings

Mission Road