LETTER - ‘Dolphin Inn in Wortham flourished for years’

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Reader Letters from the Diss Express, dissexpress.co.uk, @diss_express on Twitter
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I appreciate Tony Groome’s feelings regarding the Dolphins Inn’s new name (Letters, December, 25), but his remark that the Dolphin never flourished after his father’s death is incorrect, it is obvious that Tony has not lived in the Wortham area for many years.

My husband John and I took over the Dolphin from Dora Groome in March 1963. Trade increased so much that Lacons Brewery had to extend the bar area into the private room at the back and also provide us with indoor flush toilets. We had several happy and successful years there but had to vacate because of my ill health. We were succeeded by Tom and Sheila Davis who continued to have good trade although the brewery changed from Lacons to Whitbreads. They, in turn, were succeeded by Brian and Myrtle Flaxmer who also enjoyed good trade for many years.

I think the demise of the Dolphin started when the new brewery owners appointed managers, whereas before we were all tenants.

If the change of name helps that’s well and good, I have heard that the new owners are providing a very good service and I hope to visit them soon.

The history of the Dolphin will continue to live while the building remains open, whatever the name. I wish them every success.

Betty Garnham

Lord Road