Ideas to ease notorious A1066 Diss traffic problems

Diss, Norfolk. Traffic Congestion on Vinces Road.
Diss, Norfolk. Traffic Congestion on Vinces Road.

How do you solve the frustrating delays and queues on the main Victoria Road/Park Road A1066 route through Diss?

While the ‘silver bullet’ of a Diss bypass is a distant dream, Diss Town Council has set up a working party to look at the problem and has come up with 13 quick fixes to help improve the route in the short-term.

A key recommendation is the inclusion of second filter lane at Vinces Road to feed onto the Victoria Road mini-roundabout. Traffic at the bottom of Vinces Road is a constant source of frustration for workers at the many business premises there.

Other examples include a box grid on the Morrisons roundabout, to stop traffic from blocking it up when the exits are not clear and a filter lane at Victoria Road at the Skelton Road junction for those turning right, and backing up cars as they wait for a gap.

Diss mayor, Neil Howard, on the working party, said: “This would not be spending vast sums. It is about spending a few bob wisely.

“There isn’t going to be £100 million for a bypass - we know that. These are short term quick fixes to help the problems.

“(Ex Diss Town Councillor) Glyn Walden once said about the number of things there were to stop or slow you down along the road from one end to another - it is just dozens.”

Further improvements suggested by the town council are an additional lane for those turning left out of Skelton Road, into Victoria Road.

The working party said that the bus stop outside the Shell garage could also be relocated - with stopped buses often causing queuing back on to the roundabout.

The options are subject to checking by highways engineers at Norfolk County Council, for things like safety and feasibility, and crucially, cost.

But given that there have not been any meaningful traffic improvement measures on the road for many years, Mr Howard said it was high time some action was taken.

Dave Stephens, Team Manager Network Management (Analysis & Safety) at Norfolk County Council, said the council had received Diss Town Council’s proposals. He added: “Our investigations show that we could go some way towards easing the pressure on this stretch of road by changing the frequency of the traffic lights at the pedestrian crossings on Park Road and Mere Street (either side of Morrisons supermarket).

“We’re also improving the CCTV camera on Vinces Road so we can monitor the conditions on the ground, as they happen, which will inform 
any other future improvements.”

He said he agreed that moving the Shell garage bus stop was a good idea.

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