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Homeless man had been allowed to camp in the park

The homeless victim of an attack which left him with serious head a facial injuries had been allowed to stay in the park.

According to Diss Town Council leader, Simon Olander, the man, in his 30s, had been allowed to stay in the park, alongside the town's Mere, after being moved on from Thomas Manning Road, following a court order.

In response to a listener's question about why the man, who had covered his tent in white graffiti, wasn't being moved on, Mr Olander told Park Radio on Thursday:

Police forensics at the scene of the attack (15416961)
Police forensics at the scene of the attack (15416961)

"We are liaising with South Norfolk Council on this. We felt as a Town Council that the park was big enough to accommodate his current needs without impinging on others.

"I am not aware of any issues with the individual. I have heard little bits and pieces but as far as I am aware Norfolk Constabulary have been and spoken to the individual and made him aware that we are not prepared to move him on."

Asked by presenter Chris Moyse if it was trespass, as the council owned the park, Mr Olander, replied: "It is a public open space; he is a member of the public.

Council leader Simon Olander feels the town should not shun those in need
Council leader Simon Olander feels the town should not shun those in need

"We are not running a holiday camp on the park but all I am saying is he has obviously been in Diss for a while; he has tried to live with a member of his family in Thomas Manning Road.

"That was refused by the housing association. He then has moved to a piece of open space in the park that we manage.

"We didn't feel that we needed to move him on but we have liaised with other other bodies, South Norfolk Council and Norfolk Constabulary to make sure he shouldn't be nuisance or a problem to anybody.

"I've not heard anything for me to say to our town clerks, can we move him on please. I don't feel that would do him any favours and I don't feel as a town we should be shunning people that are obviously in need."

Police are questioning a man after the homeless man was attacked on Saturday night with what they describe as a metal tool.

He suffered series head and facial injuries and

Police and forensics cordoned off the scene this morning while a car boot sale was under way, nearby.

Inspector Laura Symonds said: "Iā€™m aware this incident has caused concern among the local community.

"I would like to reassure the public we believe this to be an isolated incident and the victim and offender are known to one another.ā€

A group of travellers moved on in May, following the threat of court action

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