Happy birthday Quackers Club!

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Quackers Logo ENGANL00120120829164102

Many happy returns to our Quackers Club members who are celebrating a birthday this week.

TODAY: Harry Cable, 11, of Lord Road, Diss; Imogen Lee, 9 of The Street, Fersfield; Tyler Marjoram, 5, of The Broadlands, Brome.

TOMORROW: William Bloom, 7, of Common Road, Bressingham; Imogen Summer Longford, 5, of Bridge Close, Harleston.

SUNDAY: Jasmine Leeder, 10, of The Street, Brome; Abbi Green, 9, of Pilgrims Way, Harleston; Leonard Warren, 8, of Ryders Way, Rickinghall; Joseph Bristow, 1, of Heath Road, Banham

MONDAY: Ashton Keith Minns, 7, of High Road, Wortwell.

TUESDAY: Emily Partridge, 6, of Earlsford Road, Mellis.

WEDNESDAY: Christopher Tatum, 10, of Castleton Way, Eye; Maddison Lake, 9 of Constable Close, Attleborough; Caitlin Belham, 6, of Jubilee Avenue, East Harling.

THURSDAY: Ollie Ransome, 7, of Ensign Way, Diss