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Gregg's vegan sausage roll arrives in Diss

Jack Carpenter with the vegan sausage roll. Picture Chris Morris
Jack Carpenter with the vegan sausage roll. Picture Chris Morris

Crispy. Flaky. Meaty.

Those are three attributes people appreciate about a good old sausage roll from Greggs.

But with the launch of a vegan equivalent earlier this year and the promise that it would be as good as the original, the country was in a frenzy.

Brexit was forgotten. Social media platforms were consumed with talk of the bakery chain’s new product.

People were confused. Some were angry.

One Twitter user said he would rather eat his own ear wax than try the new sausage roll – Greggs’ response to this worrying statement was: “You do you, John”.

People in Diss had to wait significantly longer to get their hands on the plant-based menu item, as it only arrived in the Mere Street store last week – and has been flying off the shelves since.

Staff member Jack Carpenter, 22, said: “We have had customers who regularly buy sausage rolls switch to the vegan option after just one try.”

They are not (yet) as popular as the original in Diss but, so far, the store has been selling up to 40 every day.

“People have been willing to try them, although some are still a little hesitant,” said Jack. “I think if you had a blind taste test, you wouldn’t be able to tell it isn’t meat.”

The vegan sausage roll has 96 layers of “light and crisp puff pastry”, which is made with vegetable oil and a bespoke Quorn filling. Some people have compared the taste of it to chicken stuffing, others to “eating dry sand”.

I made my colleague Jason try one, because he vehemently insisted this was not his “cup of tea” and I thought they were delicious. His verdict?

“A bit herby. Better than expected, but I wouldn’t buy one.”

Fine. You do you, Jason.

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