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South Norfolk parliamentary constituency map
South Norfolk parliamentary constituency map

Live coverage from Long Stratton Leisure Centre for the result of the South Norfolk seat.

5.30am - The final election results for South Norfolk are below:

* Richard Bacon (Conservative Party): 30,995

* Deborah Sacks (Labour Party): 10,502

* Barry Cameron (UK Independence Party): 7,847

* Jacky Howe (Liberal Democrats): 4,689

* Catherine Rowett (Green Party): 3,090

4.55am - Labour Party candidate Deborah Sacks, who placed second in the vote count, thanked her party for its support during her debut parliamentary campaign.

““We have given a voice to some of these people who didn’t previously have a voice. I regard that as a platform for better things later on,” she said.

4.50am - Mr Bacon gives his reaction following his re-election with a majority of more than 50 per cent of total votes.

“It’s a great endorsement for the work I have been doing. I have found it very humbling that people have put their faith in me and I would like to live up to that,” he said.

4.45am - BREAKING: Conservative Party candidate Richard Bacon has been elected as South Norfolk MP for his fourth consecutive parliamentary term.

3:30am - Word at the count is that voter turnout in South Norfolk has clocked in at 71 per cent; down slightly from 72.2 per cent in the 2010 general election.

2:35am - The parliamentary vote counting is well and truly underway, with estimates for the declaration of the result currently pegged for any time between 4am and 6am.

1:25am - UKIP candidate Barry Cameron believes the winds of change could result in his party’s share of the vote in South Norfolk increasing ‘ten fold’.

“We are now one of the major parties in Norfolk. I think in Diss we are doing very well,” he said.

“I think it’s because there’s a general feeling against Europe. There’s also disillusionment with the two big parties.”

12:25am - Green Party candidate Catherine Rowett said she will consider it a successful result if the Green vote is at least double what it was in South Norfolk during the 2010 election.

“The great thing about a safe seat is that people can vote for the Green Party because that’s what they believe in,” she said.

“We can actually tell what people think. They aren’t just voting tactically. It’s nice that people are taking part in the democratic process.

“I think in many ways this election will show people voting for electoral reform. A Green Party vote is a vote to change the electoral system.”

11:15pm - Good evening and welcome to our live coverage from Long Stratton Leisure Centre for the result of the South Norfolk seat in the 2015 General Election.

Current estimates indicate the result will be declared some time around 4am, as ballot boxes continue to arrive from polling stations across the constituency.

Conservative Party candidate Richard Bacon will look to retain the seat he has won in the last three parliamentary terms. He faces competition from Liberal Democrat candidate Jacky Howe, Labour Party representative Deborah Sacks, UKIP’s Barry Cameron and Catherine Rowett of the Green Party.

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