Flat tyre scammers strike again - this time at Diss Tesco

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LatestCrime and Court News from the Diss Express, dissexpress.co.uk, @diss_express on Twitter

Flat tyre scammers have struck again in south Norfolk after a woman had her debit card stolen in Tesco car park in Diss on Valentine’s Day.

It is the second incident of its kind to strike the town within the last three weeks.

It happened when a woman returned to her car after shopping at the Tesco store in Victoria Road. As she was about to leave, a man tapped on the window pointed to the victim’s tyre, which had a nail in it.

The man distracted the victim, keeping her in conversation and during this time her debit card was stolen from her purse which was inside her handbag on the passenger seat. The stolen card was later used in several transactions and to withdraw cash.

South Norfolk Policing Commander Chief Inspector Stuart Armes said: “We’ve seen two incidents now where elderly shoppers have been targeted by thieves who give the impression they are trying to help with a flat or damaged tyre.

“This scam works by people operating in groups where one will distract the victim often by keeping them in conversation while the other removes items from the passenger side of the car while another keeps look out. I would urge people to be aware of this scam and to call police immediately should they be approached in these circumstances.”

Meanwhile, police were also alerted to suspicious activity in the car park at Waitrose in Wymondham on the same day, where a woman was approached by two men and a woman who said there was a nail in her tyre. The woman became suspicious and got in her car before driving off and reporting the incident to police.

In all cases suspects are described as having Eastern European accents and anyone with information is urged to contact Norfolk Police on 101.

The first distraction theft took place at Morrisons car park in Diss, on January 24. A woman in her 70s, returned to her car at the Morrisons store in Victoria Road after shopping. Her handbag was stolen, and debit card later used to withdraw £300.

A Norfolk Police spokesperson confirmed that no arrests had been made in connection with the Morrisons distraction theft.