Farmer supplies a look back into the heyday of Blooms Nurseries in Bressingham

workers of Blooms of Bressingham 1954
workers of Blooms of Bressingham 1954

Brome farmer Peter West shared this charming photo with the Diss Express, featuring staff at the Blooms of Bressingham nursery, dating to the mid-1950s.

The renowned horticulturist and founder of Blooms of Bressingham, the late Alan Bloom, can be seen to the right of the picture, five in from the right, stood up with arms folded.

The people surrounding him are almost certainly those employed in the business, at a time when it was 
developing quickly into a renowned operation.

The two boys in short trousers, at the bottom right, are, according to Mr West, the young Adrian Bloom, on the right, and the late Robert Bloom, to the left.

Both joined the business, and Adrian Bloom still runs the Bressingham Gardens.

Alan Bloom died aged 98, in 2005.