Eye post office will reopen ‘as soon as possible’

Eye, Suffolk. Eye Post Office which has closed ANL-140406-123844001
Eye, Suffolk. Eye Post Office which has closed ANL-140406-123844001

A closed north Suffolk post office following an accident to a member of staff is set to reopen in the near future with the appointment of a temporary subpostmaster.

The Eye branch of the Post Office, in Broad Street, has been closed for a number of weeks after Pauline Seeley, wife of subpostmaster Tony, broke her leg in a fall at the start of May.

A spokesperson for Post Office Ltd told the Diss Express: “We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the unplanned temporary closure of Eye Post Office.

“The subpostmaster’s wife broke her leg during a fall.

“The subpostmaster had hoped to be able to juggle caring for his wife and managing the Post Office, however, steps are now in place to soon appoint a temporary subpostmaster to allow the branch to open as soon as possible.

“The nearest alternative service is Yaxley, The Cherry Tree Public House, Yaxley, Eye, IP23 8BH.”

Eye residents have been travelling to Diss, Hoxne, Stoke Ash and Thorndon to find similar post office services.

The Diss Express contacted Mr Seeley but he declined to comment.

Some have said the closure of the branch is having a negative effect on trade in the town.

Bruce Salter, chairman of the Eye Business Forum, said it was “absolutely vital” that a post office remains in the town.

“We had a business forum meeting the other night and people are saying a lot of the pensioners pick up their pension and then spend it in the town.

“If they are not getting it in Eye then they are spending it elsewhere.

“It has caused a quiet month in the town so it shows the need of a good Post Office.

“For Eye, being one of the bigger towns, having a Post Office is absolutely vital.

“If the Post Office goes, it will definitely quieten down the town.”

Mr Salter, of The Handyman store in Eye, said he would apply to run a Post Office from his shop should it go out to tender if the Seeley’s ever decided to retire.

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