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Employee made to cover tattoos and piercings

Laxfield Co-operative Food Store ANL-151006-144931009
Laxfield Co-operative Food Store ANL-151006-144931009

An employee at the Laxfield Co-operative Food store has had to cover her piercings, tattoos, and wear a wig to hide pink hair, according to a petition.

Trudy Moorhouse, an employee at the shop in High Street and reportedly from Badingham, is said to have worked at the store for eight years without any complaints about her appearance.

A spokesperson for The Co-operative Food, said: “There is a clear policy in place regarding dress code in food stores and an amicable arrangement has been agreed in store with Trudy.”

A petition called ‘Let her be the person she is’ has been started by Yolanda Howard, who is also a customer, and has nearly 500 signatures.

The petition reads: “Let’s help Trudy be the person we all love and the person Trudy should be not the person they want her to be.

“Trudy is being made to change who she is after eight years of working for the Co-op, they want her to cover up her tattoos, cover up her piercings and wear a wig to cover her coloured hair!

“Trudy had all these things when they employed her and when she got her promotion.

“Why after eight years is the way Trudy looks a problem?

“To us the customers it’s not but to the Co-op it is. Trudy is one of the most caring, helpful, gentle and kind people you could meet and the Co-op should be thankful that a lady like Trudy chose to work for them.”

One comment on the petition read: “Trudy is lovely kind caring person. She is always friendly and always willing to help.”

A second read: “I don’t care what colour hair someone has.

“If they treat me like a human being I will do the same.”

Another commenter said: “Trudy is a really lovely lady and the colour of her hair, her tattoos and piercings do not affect the way she does her job.”

n What do you think? Is it right the employee has to cover her piercings, tattoos and hair, or do you think companies have the right to expect employees to dress a certain way? Have you experienced something similar in your place of work?

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