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ELECTION 2017: In their own words - the candidates for South Norfolk

Richard Bacon, Conservative PPC, South Norfolk. Submitted photo.
Richard Bacon, Conservative PPC, South Norfolk. Submitted photo.

The Diss Express has offered each prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) in South Norfolk 200 words to tell our readers what they would do for their constituencies should they be successful after votes are counted on Thursday, June 8.

At the last General Election in 2015 Richard Bacon was re-elected, with 30,995 votes. Labour’s Deborah Sacks was second, with 10,502, while UKIP came third.

Danielle Glavin, Labour PPC, South Norfolk.
Danielle Glavin, Labour PPC, South Norfolk.

The seat has been held by the Conservatives since the 1950s.

- Richard Bacon, Conservatives

I have served local people without regard to their political views.

If I am re-elected as MP for South Norfolk, I will continue my campaigns for faster broadband, safer roads, wiser and greater use of our Post Offices, more choice in housing especially for young families, clearer food labelling so that shoppers can choose to support British farmers, and more powers for our local town and parish councils.

Chris Brown, Liberal Democrat PPC for South Norfolk. Submitted photo.
Chris Brown, Liberal Democrat PPC for South Norfolk. Submitted photo.

My top priority for South Norfolk is faster rural broadband, which is hugely important for local residents and rural businesses, and I meet regularly with BT who are increasingly keen to work with local partners.

The completion of the A140 bypass at Long Stratton is also high on my list, and will remain a priority until it is done.

Working together, Norfolk MPs secured the dualling of the A11 and £300 million for improvements to the A47.

I will also continue to work with ministers, the Post Office and Diss Town Council to find a sustainable way of keeping Diss Crown Post Office open.

Catherine Rowett, Green Party PPC for South Norfolk. Photo: Joseph Casey photography. https://www.josephcaseyphotography.com
Catherine Rowett, Green Party PPC for South Norfolk. Photo: Joseph Casey photography. https://www.josephcaseyphotography.com

The vast majority of people, including those who voted Remain, now accept that Britain is leaving the European Union.

I believe that Theresa May and the Conservatives are in the best position to handle these important international negotiations.

- Danielle Glavin, Labour

I love living in Norfolk but I know life could be better.

I work at a cancer charity and I’m a farmer. That means I know how vital our GPs, nurses and doctors are. I will support them.

And I know the downsides of rural life – poor transport, slow broadband. Vote for me and I’ll help the groups trying to get better broadband.

Vote for me and I’ll fight for a bus services that runs when you want it.

Vote for me and we can take back control of our trains when the franchise ends.

At the moment Diss’s rail service is owned by the Dutch – I want those profits to benefit Norfolk, not the Netherlands.

New homes are coming – 1800 in Long Stratton alone – but where are the new services?

I’ll campaign for new schools, high quality social care that helps the vulnerable and elderly, more NHS dentists and GP surgeries.

And there’s Brexit. Many jobs rely on exports, industries rely on subsidies. I won’t let us be overlooked in negotiations.

Under Labour, life in South Norfolk will be better for the many, not just the few.

Vote for change, vote to have your first female MP, vote for me, Danielle Glavin.

- Chris Brown, Liberal Democrats

I live within South Norfolk, near Harleston with my wife, Zoë, and three young children. I was a local councillor in Reading before moving to Norfolk.

With a young family and serving as a governor of a local primary school, I take a special interest in education. I oppose the Conservatives planned cuts of £40 million to Norfolk’s schools and ending free school meals.

The Liberal Democrats will invest in schools and expand free school meals to all primary pupils.

Locally, the Liberal Democrats have been fighting the proposed closure of Diss Post Office, which is an important service that is valued by local residents and businesses. We launched a petition to keep the Post Office and to date we have around 1,200 signatures from local residents.

At the District Council the Liberal Democrats hold the Conservatives to account, such as on the huge waste of money on the Harleston public toilets, now being scrapped.

Having also been a trustee of a homelessness charity, I am keenly aware of housing and homelessness issues and am determined to tackle the local housing crisis.

I run my own business and want to bring experience from this and voluntary work to support South Norfolk by campaigning for better broadband in rural areas, improved transport links and to confront our pressing environmental challenges.

- Catherine Rowett, Green Party

I live in Eaton, near the Norwich Research Park and I work at the University. I believe that South Norfolk urgently needs a Green future, and so does the UK more generally, for the sake of the planet, for the sake of the world, and for the sake of our country, which must not become a dependent satellite of Donald Trump’s America.

My priorities are:

- ‘Yes’ to keeping our ties with Europe; ‘yes’ to the rights of EU citizens resident in the UK

- ‘No’ to tax evasion; ‘yes’ to collaboration on global tax dodging

- ‘Yes’ to clean energy; ‘no’ to fracking

- ‘Yes’ to full public funding of the NHS; ‘no’ to privatisation

- ‘Yes’ to funding for public transport, cycling and railways, but ‘no’ to HS2 and ‘no’ to more destructive dirty roads

In South Norfolk many local problems stem from policies decided at Westminster: the Tories have caused a crisis in the NHS by draining its money into private companies’ profits and by year on year cuts to social care provision.

In denial about their electoral fraud and their deceptive tactics leading up to the referendum, the Conservatives are insisting on a devastating divorce from the EU, spelling untold misery to farmers, small businesses, students, researchers, health-workers, low-income families, British people abroad, EU citizens working here, and just about every voter in this constituency.

This must be stopped.

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