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Eagle owl seen flying above Kenninghall rooftops

An eagle owl in flight
An eagle owl in flight

What has been identified as an eagle owl has been spotting flying around and landing on rooftops in Kenninghall.

The bird, the largest of the owls, has been spotted by a number of people in the village. The European version of the eagle owl has wingspan of two metres.

A witness said: “We’ve seen the eagle owl perched on a roof in the village. A couple of people I have spoken to have seen it as well.

“It is not something we have ever seen before and we’re not sure if it is an escapee from a private collection.”

A spokesman from Banham Zoo said it had not had any eagle owl escapees.

According to the RSPB a small number of pairs of eagle owls are known to breed in Britain, although there is no evidence to suggest that these are anything other than from released stock, or their offspring.

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