Diss trainee optician to take on London Marathon - weeks after snowboarding accident

A serious snowboarding accident is not what you want only weeks from your first marathon.

But Ben Conway is determined to run in Sunday’s London Marathon - even if it means he takes twice the time he had set himself.

Mr Conway’s target was to get inside the 3 hours 41 minutes his brother Edmund took two years ago and raise money for the Sheringham-based Break charity. “I was determined to beat him and had big training plans,” Ben said. “Instead my preparation has been limited to three 45-minute treadmill sessions in the gym.”

Mr Conway, 32, is a trainee dispensing optician with the Diss-based A Stodel, part of the Dipple and Conway family optometry firm. “Friends, family and Dipple and Conway colleagues have promised to sponsor me, so it’s a matter of pride now.”

Mr Conway suffered a prolapsed vertebrae while he was snowboarding in the French Alps in January. However, his brother ran the marathon with their father Damian and last year his uncle James followed them. “Peer pressure dictated that it was my turn this year, I am determined not to let anyone down. I just need to finish, even if it takes me seven hours,” he said.