Diss ‘Jam Cam’ plan so people can check traffic levels before travelling

Latest News from the Diss Express, dissexpress.co.uk, @diss_express on Twitter
Latest News from the Diss Express, dissexpress.co.uk, @diss_express on Twitter

A live online camera feed will be deployed at a major traffic area in Diss, with the intention of allowing local residents and commuters to look at levels of congestion from their computers and electronic devices.

The so-called ‘Jam Cam’ system is set to look over Vinces Road, an area off the A1066 Victoria Road route that has been previously identified as a bottleneck for traffic queues and delays.

People will be able to access a website providing live traffic updates via the £6,000 camera, funded and installed by Norfolk County Council, and plan their journey to or from the town accordingly.

This new measure falls in line with previous statements by councillors that in the short term, traffic issues in Diss would have to be addressed with a series of ‘quick fixes’ due to budgetary constraints.

At a meeting of the Diss Town Council Highways Committee on Wednesday, councillors had mixed views about the ‘Jam Cam’, with the overwhelming sentiment that it would be a practical measure for the time being but would not successfully deal with the root of the traffic problems on Vinces Road.

Norfolk County Councillor Jenny Chamberlin said: “If we were to say no to the camera, the funding for it would most likely be swallowed up somewhere else, and then there really would be no change to the current situation.”

However, Highways Committee vice-chairman Julian Mason expressed concerns about the lack of a long-term measure.

“I must be living in a different world to everyone else.

“We shouldn’t have to wait 15 minutes before we go out. We want traffic relieved so we can go out when we want to go out,” he said.

A spokesman for major Diss employer Midwich, a technology solutions company based in Vinces Road, said: “The traffic has been an ongoing problem for our employees for some time, so anything that could help is welcome.

“From one point of view, it will give better access to traffic information and help people to time their exit.

“What it clearly does not do though is address the traffic issue, which Midwich has campaigned about for a long time.”

A proposal to alter the current traffic light timings for two pedestrian crossings on Victoria Road has been considered as another measure to try and alleviate the traffic hotspot, with data collection by Norfolk County Council still ongoing.