Diss High School head seeks to clarify uniform changes after complaints on cost

Diss, Norfolk. Diss High School ENGANL00120141202153305
Diss, Norfolk. Diss High School ENGANL00120141202153305

Diss High headteacher Dr Jan Hunt has moved to clarify changes in uniform made by the school, which some parents believe are priced too high.

Some parents are said to be frustrated at the changes.

The school made national headlines when they revealed a ban on skirts was to be introduced in the next academic year.

Girls will have to wear graphite trousers - which can be purchased from the school’s website, with prices starting at £15.50.

A new PE kit has also been introduced for the new year.

Children, previously permitted to wear a white polo shirt, are now to wear newly designed navy and orange gear, available only from the website, with costs from £10.75 for shirts, and £15.25 for rugby tops.

One parent, who did not wish to be named, told the Diss Express that they would expect to pay high prices at a private school, but not a state school, and said many disgruntled parents have been in touch with the school but “are not being listened to.”
They said the school prices are almost double that of the high street.

Dr Hunt said parents are not forced to buy the trousers solely from the website- as long as they were “smart” and “tailored.”

“The PE kit has changed at the request of pupils themselves - the new kit is more durable and long lasting and does not look shabby after a few washes,” she said.

Dr Hunt said the new kit will only need to be bought when previous kit needs replacing.

She said: “For new pupils to the school in September, parents have been informed that subsidies are available. The overall costs of our uniform are still less than most neighbouring schools; the changes are being phased in and financial support is available.

“We are more than happy to talk to any parent with concerns.

“We have had some very positive feedback so far.”

The school’s uniform supplier is Anglia Sports and Schoolwear Ltd.