Deadline to secure your child’s place at preferred school

PARENTS AND CARERS have until next Wednesday to submit their application to secure their child’s place at a Suffolk secondary school for September 2013.

Suffolk County Council is urging parents and carers to make sure they get their application in by the closing date to give their children the best chance of securing a place at a preferred secondary school.

Parents and carers should be aware that there have been some changes to how the county council allocates places to over-subscribed schools: a higher priority is now given to a child who already has a brother or sister at the school.

The county council is no longer able to guarantee a place in a catchment area school - where there is one in operation.

To ensure that children have the best chance of getting a place at a school of choice, the council recommend that parents and carers include more than one school preference on their application form, up to a maximum of three.

Parents and carers are encouraged to apply online or in writing by posting their application form to one of the council offices listed on the back of the application form.

If there is demand for more places at a school than are available, then who gets a place will be decided according to the agreed oversubscription criteria for the school.


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