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Dangers of water highlighted after boy falls into Diss Mere whilst trying to feed ducks

The Mere in Diss where a boy recently fell in ANL-160817-145316009
The Mere in Diss where a boy recently fell in ANL-160817-145316009

The dangers of the water have been highlighted again after a boy fell head-first into Diss Mere last week.

His rescuer, who wishes the remain anonymous, said she had taken her grandson to a “very busy” Diss Park on Tuesday, August 9 but, with lots of food debris, decided to move down closer to the decking area near Madgett’s Walk, to watch the fishermen.

Then, as a “little boy” attempted to feed some of the ducks, he fell head-first into the water.

With one hand holding a dog lead, she managed to yank the child out of the Mere with her left arm.

She explained she returned the boy, soaking wet, to two people close to the pavilion, who she thought were “unaware” of what had happened.

She believed the nature of the design of the decking, which overhangs the Mere, could be improved, and felt there should be some sort of barriers in place.

“I just know if I had not been there, he could still be in there and it could have been a fatality,” she told the Diss Express.

“What was also concerning is that my grandson could have been knocked in while (I was) fishing the other boy out.”

Diss Town Council clerk Deborah Sarson said a number of life rings were in place, as well as a physical barrier along Madgett’s Walk.

“If you are going to take a child close to a body of water, you need to be keeping a close eye on them,” she said.

“It is the same if you take them to a river, lake or the beach — the same principles apply.

“There is a balance between health and safety and practicality of an amenity, and the enjoyment of space.

“It needs to be practical for the fishermen, and beautiful to look at, from every angle possible.”

She added swimming is banned in the Mere.

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