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Cyclists urged to be safe after near-miss

police with bike light gv PPP-140406-135047001
police with bike light gv PPP-140406-135047001

A north Suffolk resident has called on all cyclists to “have responsibilty” and stay visible for the safety of everybody, after he avoided a potentially serious accident.

Barry Hall, of Horham, was driving along The Street, Weybread, in the direction of Harleston last Saturday after dark, at around 4.40pm, when he just barely spotted a family of cyclists, including a young child riding on a starter bike, silhouetted against the headlights of a vehicle driving in the opposite lane.

According to Mr Hall, none of the cyclists had any sort of lights at the front or rear of their bikes, and only the child was wearing a high-visibility jacket of any description.

He said he had to stop completely and allow oncoming traffic to go by before he felt safe enough to overtake the cyclists, and he was thanked by another driver going the other way for doing so.

“It was scary. They didn’t have a speck of light on the back or anything,” Mr Hall told the Diss Express.

“There was just one fluorescent jacket on the toddler. That was the only thing that gave away that something was there.

“If someone had been going faster than they should be, that could have been quite nasty.”

He issued an impassioned appeal to all would-be nighttime bike riders: “Cyclists, you do have a responsibility on the road.

“There is a set of lights that need to be on for their safety and for the benefit of drivers.”

A spokesperson on behalf of Norfolk Constabulary echoed Mr Hall’s concerns, stating: “Norfolk Police would always urge cyclists to use bike lights when travelling in the dark or in conditions of reduced visibility.”

For more about the recommended road safety guidelines for travelling at night, please visit www.norfolk.police.uk/safetyadvice/roadsafety.aspx

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