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Banham Zoo celebrates tiger cubs Kash and Kumi’s first birthday

Banham Zoo is preparing a special celebration to mark the first birthday of two tiger cubs.

Kash and Kumi were born on the May 1, 2023, to Mum Mishka and the late Kuzma. Kuzma sadly passed away before the cubs' birth, with Kash and Kumi carrying forward his legacy.

The festivities will run from May 3 to May 6 and will include a number of activities designed to entertain visitors of all ages, including the debut of our life-size tiger sculpture trail and talks about the cubs from their keeper.

Kash and Kumi
Kash and Kumi

These cubs mark the second litter of Amur tigers born to Mishka and Kuzma at Banham Zoo, following the birth of Luka and Kira in 2021. Luka and Kira have since been relocated to the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent and Norden’s Ark Zoo in Sweden.

“Amur tigers are classified as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) due to habitat loss and hunting, with only around 500 believed to remain in the wild. As we eagerly anticipate celebrating this significant milestone in Kash and Kumi’s lives, we aim to spotlight our conservation efforts and raise awareness about the challenges faced by these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.”

Banham Zoo is part of a collaborative effort among accredited zoos and conservation organisations dedicated to safeguarding endangered wildlife populations.

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