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Court hears Peter Wrighton’s alleged killer heard voice ‘telling him to stab strangers’

Alexander Palmer in 2010
Alexander Palmer in 2010

A former soldier who had a grudge against dog walkers murdered a complete stranger after ‘a voice in his head’ told him to kill someone, a court heard yesterday.

Alexander Palmer allegedly attacked 83-year-old Peter Wrighton from behind with a knife before dragging his body under brambles on August 5 last year.

Peter Wrighton with one of his dogs
Peter Wrighton with one of his dogs

The pensioner had been walking his two dogs, a mongrel called Gemma and a Scarteen harrier named Dylan, in woodland at The Heath near East Harling.

The jury at Nottingham Crown Court heard how Palmer,24, of Bawdeswell, Norfolk, admitted being in the area at the time of the attack, but denied killing Mr Wrighton of Banham.

The prosecution said the defendant told medical professionals he had a voice in his head called ‘Little Alex’ who told him to harm people or kill them.

The court heard how the voice would tell Palmer to stab the neck or throat of strangers and that dog walkers allegedly appeared to be a particular ‘bugbear’ of his.

The jury was told how police were initially unaware of Palmer until a psychologist who treated him at RAF Marham read press reports and said she thought he could be someone worth speaking to.

While in the army he had been injured as the victim of an assault and that seemed to trigger problems which required mental health professionals.

Father-of-two Mr Wrighton, whose body was found by officers at 11.20am, had suffered multiple stab wounds to the neck and throat.

Opening the case against Palmer, prosecutor Stephen Spence said: “On one occasion he [Palmer] told staff ‘when I eventually hurt someone, I know that I will plan out the method in my head, go to the desired place where I wish the scene to be set and then I will carry out the act of hurting someone... it could be anyone that it happens to. Just random, but I will have already thought about what I am going to do’.

“You might think that is a pretty good account of what happened to Peter Wrighton on that day.”

Mr Spence said it was no coincidence that Palmer, who served in the British Army until November 2015, was in the vicinity at the time of the killing.

He continued: “Sometimes as Alex, sometimes as Little Alex, the voice at times urged him to kill people.

“He appears to have some ill-feeling or a grudge towards dog walkers. There were a number of references to attacks to the throat.

“Particularly of note was his desire to kill strangers, dog walkers seemed to be a particular bugbear of his.”

Speaking of the victim’s injuries, Mr Spence added: “Initial observation of Mr Wrighton’s body led the police to jump to the conclusion that he had been attacked and killed by some sort of animal, such was the extent and appearance of the injuries to the throat.”

Palmer denies a singular charge of murder.

The trial is expected to last for two or three weeks.

Click here for day two of the trial.

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