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Coronavirus log: What will we take from this on the other side?

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Doing the washing up has, for me, always been a time for contemplation at home.

The question that has been in my head while my hands have been in the sink is - What will the world be like once this is all over?

I think we can all agree the planet is never going to be the same again, but I hope some positives that have appeared out of this horrendous pandemic will carry on.

What will the world be like after this?. Picture by PIRO4D (33368699)
What will the world be like after this?. Picture by PIRO4D (33368699)

For example, the outpouring of love for our NHS staff, front line workers and people in their communities supporting each another.

Not only should they all be applauded on the streets forever more but I hope they are properly honoured later on and never taken for granted again.

Another of the positives is people supporting their local produce suppliers, in the light of others stockpiling.

It would be great if the new habits people have taken on in their lives continue after Covid-19.

On a bigger front, surely after the global effort fighting this, could we not turn that united focus into issues we left behind before all this, like climate change?

I feel Greta Thunberg will, after all this is said and done, go back to world leaders with that point.

But, could I just be wrong on all these fronts?

Once our lives are unlocked again, will we all just all go back to ‘normal’ with all these things unfortunately forgotten?

I hope not, but at the minute these are just questions from a 39-year-old man doing the washing up, so what do I know?

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