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Coronavirus Daily: PM calls on the globe to 'unite' as he launches vaccine summit

Boris Johnson is set to open a global vaccine summit today consisting of more than 50 countries and Bill Gates to help immunise around 300 million children from developing countries so those place's health systems can continue to tackle coronavirus.

The Prime Minister said at his daily briefing yesterday they aimed to raise $7.4 billion to help 'shore up' the healthcare of those countries against the likes of polio, typhoid and measles, so that the pandemic can be their main focus.

Mr Johnson said: "We need effective international action to reduce the impact of the virus across the globe, this is the moment for humanity to unite against this disease.

Boris Johnson is calling for countries to unite. Picture: BBC.
Boris Johnson is calling for countries to unite. Picture: BBC.

"Health experts have warned that if coronavirus is left to spread in developing countries, that could lead to future ways of infection coming back and reaching the UK.

"This virus has shown how connected we are, we are fighting an invisible enemy and no one is safe until we are all safe."

Yesterday's figures from Public Health England showed Norfolk had eight daily positive cases over the last reported 24-hours, taking its total so far to 2,181, with Suffolk reporting seven new cases as well, with a total of 1,520.

The UK's daily confirmed cases was 1,871, with the overall count now at 279,856 and the number of daily deaths at 359.

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