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COLUMN: Senior Moment – ‘We must stand firm – and pay no heed of the protests from the Remoaners and the EU’

By John Docker

John Docker
John Docker

I see remainers are still banging the anti-Brexit drum, with Gordon Brown suggesting voters may shift from the leave camp to remain if there is a game-changing shift in policy from the EU. Oh yeah, and those piglets might fly.

The Eurosuits want our money and they want to bully us into giving way on just about everything because they are scared witless that other member countries might get a taste for freedom from EU bureaucracy.

With the EU’s share of world domestic products declining since 1990, we are almost certainly more important to them than they are to us

We must stand firm and pay no heed to the yapping protests from the losers – on both sides of the channel.

At least, at last, experts are admitting that fears that EU tariffs would derail Britain’s economy are unjustified.

With the EU’s share of world domestic products declining since 1990, we are almost certainly more important to them than they are to us.

I picked up a bundle of Spanish oranges the other day and thought, ‘will they really be so stupid as to cut off their nose to spite their face?’

Anyway, I prefer the sun-soaked alternatives from South Africa, so get your scissors out Mons Barnier.

I was glad to hear our old friend Big Ben in full voice for the Armistice Day commemoration; somehow the ceremony wouldn’t have been the same without him.

The chimes of our world-famous clock are just as an integral part of our annual homage as the sound of bugles and the observance of two minutes’ silence.

It’s sad that some people still regard the event and the wearing of poppies as a glorification of war, instead of remembrance of and gratitude for the sacrifice made by so many on our behalf.

I have worn a poppy with pride since my childhood and was surprised and pleased to see the emblem displayed on so many lampposts in our village.

I do not recall seeing this before and my surprise stems from the knowledge that there will undoubtedly be pressure from those who do not agree with our values, and local authorities likely to succumb to them.

Congratulations to whoever was responsible for the display – it acted as a simple reminder of our debt to those who died. Long may it survive politically-correct bureaucracy.

And as for those who object to our custom of remembrance, I put them in the same category as the individual who left an angry notice to an ambulance crew complaining that they were blocking his drive. As they say, it takes all sorts – including idiots.

Mention of Gordon Brown reminds me ... it’s nearly 20 years since motorists were encouraged to switch to diesel cars and those who did are now paying the price of a bad government decision.

Are we about to be conned into making the same mistake again, I ask myself?

It seems that electric cars – flavour of the month with the Government – are not as green as we are being led to believe, according to recent research.

It would seem that someone has forgotten to take account of all the fossil fuels needed to create the power required.

Back to bicycles anyone?

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