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COLUMN: PG’s Tips - ‘Do we play safe with EU? Do we take chance with Trump?’

Pete Gillings at the Oaksmere ANL-161003-111626001
Pete Gillings at the Oaksmere ANL-161003-111626001

As leader of the newly formed Britannia Party, it is my duty to inform voters on my position of the June 23 vote on the EU, should we stay or should we go now.

The great vote should be to follow our democratically elected leader and stay in.

The safest way, as in all things, is stay as we are or never change horses in midstream.

As part of the EU, we share friendship with 28 countries and have not been at war with them in living memory and trade is good.

But on the other hand...yes, of course there’s always the other hand:

* We have and produce more oil than all the other countries put together;

* We have strong links with America which is now the leading producer of oil;

* We are one of the leading members of NATO;

* We have a commonwealth of 53 countries of which our Queen is head containing as many people as China;

* We have the largest collection of gold, silver, diamonds, iron ore, rubies, sapphires, platinum, tin, copper, lead, coal and fresh water in the world.

So it’s safer to stay in the EU, but did Drake think of safety when the Spanish Armada sailed in to try and steal our country?

No, he finished his game of bowls.

Did Nelson think of safety when he put his telescope to his blind eye and said “I see no ships” and sailed between the French and Spanish Navy’s and beat them at the same time?

Did Wellington think of safety when he rode in to defeat Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo?

Did Churchill think of safety when France fell and we stood alone in the world against Hitler? No.

Should we think of safety now?

If we come out now we will have America as our strongest military ally.

I was beginning to believe it myself until I remembered a word I was afraid of: Trump.

I wonder – does that word mean the same in America as it does here? There’s an old Cab Calloway song that my Dad used to sing with a line that says “You can laugh in my face as you trump my ace”.

Well, I think the trump card is about to be played.

Now that Chris Christie is backing Donald Trump, it has put a new angle on the presidency.

His mother was from Sicily, so we not only have the Godfather connection but the Catholic as well, and then there’s Trump with his German origin.

So the Lutheran/Protestant vote has been tied up.

I remember seeing a picture posted of Donald Trump holding up an elephant’s tail as a trophy, thinking it would have lost him votes.

Wrong – that just guaranteed him the American Rifle Association vote.

So, the vote, my friends, is between the devil, or the deep blue Mediterranean sea.

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