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COLUMN: In My View – Ken Watkins – ‘Sense of humour belies issue’

Ken Watkins
Ken Watkins

Ducks, flowers and garden gnomes appeared in some potholes last week, a trend which has been blossoming the length and breadth of the land.

Villagers in Steeple Aston in Oxfordshire, tired of complaining to their county council and getting nowhere, placed more than 100 rubber ducks in the worst water-filled potholes in the village. It made a nice picture in The Times.

I admire the sense of humour, but it’s a serious issue, with Suffolk County Council alone getting almost 450 claims in the last 12 months from car owners whose vehicles have suffered damage. So far, around ten per cent of the claims have succeeded.

Someone suggested that ducks, and the resultant publicity, might just shame the authorities into action, as pleas for help seem to get nowhere. Call me cynical, but I think those ducks might be swimming for quite a while yet.

The news that Radio Caroline is coming back, following the award of a broadcasting licence, stirred distant memories of those heady days when pirate radio gave us a much more exciting alternative to the BBC than just Radio Luxembourg.

I didn’t get to hear the early days of Caroline South, which broadcast to this part of the country.

Instead, at university in north Wales, we tuned in to Caroline North, which occasionally was forced off the air – by the weather rather than the government – and into shelter near the Isle of Man.

I look forward to the new station, with the people running it saying their target audience is those who used to listen to Caroline before pirate stations were largely scuppered by UK law some 50 years ago.

Sounds of the sixties every day? I was there and, sadly, have to confess I still remember the words to a lot of the songs in the charts at the time. But hey, bring it on.

I often watch the Super League Show on catch up. The permanent subtitles can often be annoying, but occasionally humorous.

Recently, Salford Red Devils played at Catalan Dragons, and scored from an interception deep in their own half.

The subtitles described two of the Dragons as being ‘in hot prosciutto’ of the scorer. Somebody obviously needed a lunch break.

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