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COLUMN: Howard’s Health - ‘Jamie Oliver demonstrates how to age healthily’

John Howard ANL-150104-155112001
John Howard ANL-150104-155112001

Award-winning diet coach John Howard understands how hard it is to lose weight – and keep it off. He lost 7 stone in five months – and nine years on has kept his new shape.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver said that as he approached his 40th birthday he realised he wanted to live to a good old age – and to achieve that he knew he had to play by the rules of the game, eating more healthily.

He has now lost about two stone.

Many of us assume that if as a man we eat 2,500 calories a day – or 2,000 for a woman – we will not gain weight.

But actually our age is really important because the amount we can eat to stay the same weight does reduce as we get older.

At 45-years-old, and well over six feet tall, if I want to stay at 14.7 and consume much more than about 1,900 calories without exercise I will pile on the pounds and be up two stone in time.

If I was aged 60 or more and wanted to stay the same weight, that reduces to about 1,800 calories. If I wanted to be 12.5 stone and was 60 it would be about 1,650 calories.

For a woman aged 30 to 40 who wanted to weigh nine stone her calorie allowance to stay at this weight would be just 1,220 calories – not the average 2,000!

But with some gentle exercise we can add to this daily calorie allowance, gaining several hundred extra calories for treats, by maybe simply walking, cycling or swimming a little.

There is a formula to work out what you will burn according to your weight, the exercise you do and for how long.

We can also eat a lot of food if we choose the right things, even if in restaurants or takeaways. So if you enjoy a curry choose a dry flavoursome chicken tikka rather than a creamy chicken tikka masala meal which can be an average of a waist-line bulging 1,340 calories with just a few extras added.

Or if in the kebab shop choose chicken shish kebab grilled with no mayonnaise on the salad rather than a more fatty donner kebab.

And barbecues go for chicken kebab skewers with green peppers that have less sugar than red or yellow ones, mushrooms and onions and a lovely leafy salad with low calorie dressing.

You really can have it all like Jamie – eat well, eat healthily, live longer and not be unhappy with your weight if you follow life’s rules.

n Diet coach John Howard supports dieters on a one to one basis at Eye, near Diss, and from Stowhealth centre in Stowmarket, to lose about a stone a month and no longer be unhappy with their weight.

He can be contacted by calling 0787 231 4653 or 01379 678416, or alternatively by email via john@live-everyday.co.uk

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