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COLUMN - Howard’s Health: “I remember looking in the mirror and wondering what had happened to me.”

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John Howard ENGANL00120130210165810

I remember looking in the mirror and wondering what had happened to me. I avoided buying new clothes and hated mirrors,” said Rehana.

“I had changed beyond recognition so much that my own mother failed to recognise me after not having seen me for over two years, friends too would walk past me until they realised who I was and looked at me in disbelief, failing to disguise their shocked expressions.”

Rehana Kosar was told by a GP that she was having issues with her knees due to her excess weight, and if she did not lose a significant amount of weight she was at real risk of serious health problems.

Rehana was determined to make changes and completely transformed her life, going from a size 24 to an 8. She saw her change not as a temporary solution, but as a commitment to change to create a whole new life for herself and keep her weight off for good.

To lose weight and feel as great as Rehana, my six top tips are:

1) Aim to lose weight quickly and safely so you do not become demotivated with small weekly losses. I lost seven stone myself nine years ago – in five months. A stone a month is realistic and achievable to lose safely and maintain.

2) Plan to keep off your weight once you have lost it, learning about the different food groups and how some can help you feel fuller for longer and not crave higher calorie choices.

3) If you are tempted to snack do so – but choose options like boiled eggs, cold chicken, cottage cheese, low fat yoghurt (170g), strawberries, grapes.

4) Add in exercise, from walking and even taking the stairs more to cycling or swimming.

5) Seek one to one support and encouragement from someone who understands, so you are not lost in a big class.

6) And drink to shrink – drinking just the right amount of water through the day - as advised by a health professional.

n To read Rehana’s full story please visit: www.cambridgeweightplan.com/success-stories/48/rehana-kosar and mine at www.cambridgeweightplan.com/JohnH

Award winning local diet coach John Howard understands how hard it is to lose weight – and keep it off. He lost 7 stone in five months – and nine years on has kept his new shape.

Diet coach John Howard supports dieters on a one to one basis at Eye, near Diss, and Stowhealth GP centre in Stowmarket, to lose about a stone a month and no longer be unhappy with their weight.

He can be contacted on 0787 231 4653, 01379 678416, or by email at john@live-everyday.co.uk

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