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COLUMN: Grumpy, of Diss - ‘Why not get rid of plastic carrier bags?’

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Flair Feature - Fashion''Pictured: Ruby + Ed Sheepskin Slippers'Vanilla'?39.95 ENGNNL00120130711133854

Why is the shopping bag in the car? A question I frequently ask either myself or Mr Grumpy when fudging about in a purse or pocket for that illusive 5p.

It’s really just a matter of changing what we have become accustomed to, but breaking those habits won’t happen over night in the busy world in which we live today.

I’m not sure I fully understand the reasoning behind the 5p charge for a plastic carrier bag, however, I suppose if it eventually helps us remember the shopping bag then it’s a start.

Why not simply do away with the plastic carrier bag and replace it with something which naturally rots down after it has reached its life end?

I have almost become a plastic carrier bag phobic. They’re everywhere.

If we don’t do something now it will not be the meek who inherit the earth, oh no, it’ll be that creepy little rustling air dancing, get stuck at the back of your kitchen drawer, monster.

If 5p a bag is supposed to make us all decide to abandon the carrier and remember the shopping bag, then it probably won’t work.

If you were to maybe charge £2.50 . . . I think the change-over to the ‘rot down at life end’ would occur somewhat quicker.

And yes, we’d all moan about it for a while.

People would be seen running back to their cars a lot or blaming each other at the check out for forgetting, but there must be a better way forward? Possibly by going back?

Remember going to the butchers, bakers, grocers and fishmonger?

All those neatly wrapped paper packages or brown paper bags? Then you put them in your shopping bag.

Admittedly, probably made of plastic, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Some High Street retailers seem to be having a bit of a rethink.

It would be fantastic if the large retailers got their commercial heads together and came up with some sensible way forward regarding the non-use of plastic packaging, containers, carrier bags etc.

When you come to think about it we are surrounded by unintended plastic bag consumption; quite literally given even, as I understand it, some of our ‘fresh’ food is becoming contaminated by it.

I don’t need a plastic bag to carry my newly purchased pants home.

No, all I require is to remember to not leave the shopping bag in the car.

I understand there may be good commercial reasoning behind my walking from a shop to my car advertising the fact I’ve just bought them from . . . but it is not necessary, it’s just habit and that is something we can all change albeit over time.

We are human after all.

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