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Colin Noble selected as new Conservative leader at Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council ANL-141006-173324001
Suffolk County Council ANL-141006-173324001

Colin Noble has been selected as the new Conservative leader at Suffolk County Council.

At a Conservative Group meeting at Endeavour House in Ipswich on Tuesday, Cllr Noble pipped fellow Conservative candidate Jenny Antill in the race to the leadership.

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Newmarket Journal OCTOBER 2012''Colin Noble ENGANL00120120510163142

He will now take over from Mark Bee who announced he was stepping down from the post last week.

Cllr Noble, who represents Row Heath Division, said he wanted to help unite the Conservative group.

He said: “There were some really useful things to come out of the voting process. It was not about policy, as we have policy in place as a group and we are very clear on these.

“It was really about how the Conservative group works.

“I want it to be a little less about the leader, the cabinet, the backbenchers and more about us as councillors coming together and doing our best for the county.

“I have never met a councillor who didn’t get involved in this for any other reason than that they wanted to make a difference in the area.

“I am certainly very keen to work with all the councillors, not just Conservatives, and I am there to be open and to be available to them .”

This was the third time Cllr Noble had tried for the position as leader.

Last April, Cllr Bee fended off an attempt by Cllr Noble to oust him from the leadership but he retained the position after getting majoity support from his party.

Cllr Noble said the council as a whole faced difficult challenges in the future.

He said: “Suffolk County Council, like all councils, works within a pot of money given from government.

“For both political parties we are hearing there’s not going to be much more money coming in.

“That is the economics of it, that is just where we are. But there’s a debate over where to spend the money.”

Christopher Hudson, the current chairman of the council, has been selected as deputy leader.

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