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Trio rescue deer trapped in goal netting at Diss High School

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A pair of carpet fitters saw their day take an unexpected turn after they were called on to rescue a deer that had been trapped in some goal netting.

On Thursday, people living close to Diss High School were shocked to discover a helpless roe deer had got itself caught in one of the goals on the sports field.

After spotting the animal, Rosa Bleach, a mum-of-two whose home in Willbye Avenue overlooks the field, made desperate calls to several animal services but was told she would have wait before somebody could come to rescue it.

“I had seen a lady put a post up on Facebook about the deer, so I ran upstairs and could see it out of my window,” said the 38-year-old.

Mr Gorman and Mr Kilkenny, pictured recsuing the deer. Picture: Rosa Bleach (56102879)
Mr Gorman and Mr Kilkenny, pictured recsuing the deer. Picture: Rosa Bleach (56102879)

“I went to the field hoping it would be something I could do on my own.

“It was in an absolute tangle – the football net had intertwined itself around the deer’s antlers.

“It was helpless. It was salivating and trying to jump up in the air to try to get itself out of the net.”

Yet hours after making calls to the RSPCA, Norfolk Police and animal sanctuary PACT, nobody had come to rescue the animal.

Luckily, carpet fitters Gary Gorman and Bobby Kilkenny, both 38, had just arrived to lay some flooring at her home and quickly sprang into action.

“It just so happened we were having our floor laid by Gary and Bobby, so, as soon as they arrived, I said ‘do you think you could help me rescue a deer?’ and they said ‘get in the van’ ... it was like we were in the A-Team.”

Mr Gorman, a father-of-one who lives in Botesdale, added: “I walked in and she said to me and Bobby, ‘do you want to go and save a deer?’, so we grabbed a blanket and drove straight there.

“When we got to the goal, we could see the poor little thing was in a pretty bad way and in distress. It had cuts all around its mouth.

“We were surprised at how fast it must have been running to get stuck in the net.”

After several failed attempts using scissors to cut the netting, the pair pulled out a hacksaw as Mr Kilkenny grappled the deer with the blanket to keep it still.

“It was struggling and kicking him because it was so scared,” said Mrs Bleach.

“I could see how stressed it was. As soon as we freed it from the net, it fell to the floor and was rapidly breathing.

“Then it got up and just ran off into the distance.

“We had this brilliant moment where we all high-fived each other – it was euphoric.”

Mr Gorman added: “Bobby’s got some bruises on his leg from where it was kicking him, but once we finally got it free, it was a really satisfying feeling.

“Before it ran off, it stood up and looked at us – it was almost like it was saying thank you.”

Afterwards, the three dusted themselves off and got back to work.

“We went and made a cup of tea, and they carried on with my floor,” said Mrs Bleach.

“I’m so happy there are still helpful, kind people in the community. It’s nice to know there’s a community spirit.”

Mr Kilkenny, a father-of-two who lives in Diss, said: “It was an experience we definitely won’t forget for a while.”

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