Arts venue wants old-style stand for heritage homage

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An arts venue in south Norfolk is looking to increase its heritage elements.

The manager of Diss Corn Hall, Angela Sykes, wants to pay homage to the venue’s trading past by using one of the old merchant stands and turning it into a lectern for speakers.

However, this will involve acquiring one; a task Ms Sykes needs the public to assist her in.

She said: “We’re keen to have one of the old Corn Hall merchant stands fitted out as a lectern for use when we have speakers at the Corn Hall.

“The idea is that this would be much more interesting than any old lectern.

“The only one we know of is on display at Diss Museum, but we’ve heard from a member of the farming community that he was sure that somewhere there was a stand languishing in someone’s shed, as although the Corn Hall stored them, they belonged to a range of businesses.”

Thus, Ms Sykes is hopeful that people can support the 19th Century venue by having a rummage in their stores and sheds to see if such a stand has survived; and if so, presenting it to the Corn Hall so that it can be restored and reused.

As well as finding a stand, it is also desired that the hunt will encourage people to get involved in thinking about the town’s heritage at a time when the Corn Hall is key part of Diss’ heritage triangle National Lottery funding bid.