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A no-show from superstar Sheeran as Diss venue set to mark rumour with annual ‘No-Ed’ party

By Zach Ward

Ed Sheeran. Photo: SWNS
Ed Sheeran. Photo: SWNS

The manager of a Diss venue forced to deny superstar Ed Sheeran was turning up to play a New Year’s Eve is set to hold an annual ‘No-Ed’ event to mark the occasion.

Andrew Hills, manager at Heywood Health and Fitness in Walcot Road, said they were bombarded with phone calls after a rumour spread that the Framlingham-raised star was to appear on Sunday night.

We are going to have the second ‘No-Ed’ party next year and I think going forward, it will be an annual event
Andrew Hills, manager, Heywood Health and Fitness

There were fears they might have had to cancel the party due to health and safety fears if hundreds of his fans turned out.

But there was no riot – or an appearance from the Suffolk superstar – and their New Year’s Eve event went ahead without a hitch.

“We have been referring to it as the first ‘No-Ed’ party,” said Mr Hills. “So we are going to have the second ‘No-Ed’ party next year and I think going forward, it will be an annual event.

“It went really well, there was a really good turnout, there were people in fancy dress, and we had a good balance of adults and plenty of children show up.”

Speaking ahead of New Year’s Eve, Mr Hills added there were fears of a huge turnout due to the false rumour.

“We’re not sure if we should cancel on health and safety grounds, or just issue more tickets and hope that there isn’t a riot,” he said.

“I think that people believe that the more we deny it, the more it must be true.

“During the conversations, a few people asked ‘why are the tickets so cheap’ or ‘for how long was Ed going to play’ or ‘was it really true’ – and then the penny dropped that there was a rumour going around town.

“When I asked people where they had heard about it, they just said it was through ‘a friend of a friend’, so I haven’t got to the bottom of it. I am completely baffled.

“I’ve suggested that people come dressed as Ed and sing his songs. We’re having karaoke as well as a DJ, so that any misinformed Sheeran fans aren’t disappointed.”

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