MEMORY LANE: Travelling fair visited Diss and Bardwell Green

Possible fire at Barningham ANL-140415-110141001
Possible fire at Barningham ANL-140415-110141001

A reader was interested in this photo published last month of a gathering in the Barningham area.

Mr G Sturgeon, of Wortham, wrote to us to say that it was Bardwell Green, just to the west of Barningham, and believed it could date to about 1904.

He said they were on the west side of the green and that the scene was a fair coming to the village.

He thought it would have been a school day, as there would normally be lots of children around.

Mr Sturgeon said his dad, of Hepworth, from about 1906, would save up 6d to go to the fair to have a go on some of the games. Mr Sturgeon said he knew the fair usually went to both Diss and Bardwell Green each year and even thinks that this photo could have been the fair’s very first appearance in the village.

He asked readers if they know when the fair first came to Bardwell Green.

Mrs Theobald, of Thorndon, called in to say she thought it must have been some sort of convention or fair.

She wondered whether the apparent appearance of the fire service meant they were also organising a type of fundraiser.

She also thought people were all dressed in their Sunday best. Can you shed any more light on this picture?

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