Bloody Mary returns to Framlingham

Framlingham, Suffolk. Framlingham Castle ENGANL00120120724171420

Framlingham, Suffolk. Framlingham Castle ENGANL00120120724171420

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Take a trip back in time to an infamous and gruesome period of British history this Bank Holiday weekend, as Framlingham Castle honours 500 years since the birth of Queen Mary. Visitors to the castle will discover much more about the bloody and intriguing tales of the Tudors, from an array of costumed characters, including the fearsome Queen, “Bloody Mary” herself. Families can wander through the Tudor camps and pay a visit to Mary’s executioner to learn about his gruesome trade, as well as that of the Tudor surgeon, and there will even be firepower displays by archers competing against guns and combat displays by the mighty army of Queen Mary.

Debbie Houldsworth, event manager at English Heritage, said: “We’ve got a fun packed weekend of action and activity planned that brings the history of Framlingham Castle to life.”

It runs Saturday to Monday, 11am-5pm. See