Reader letter: Eye power station is a failure of local democracy

Reader Letters from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter
Reader Letters from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter

How depressing to see confirmed in print that government has pretty much washed its hands of the democratic process where it comes to constructing a gas-fired power station on farmland at Eye.

According to Suffolk County councillor Guy McGregor, due process has been followed in the consultation procedure, yet where were the unmissable posters and leaflets informing the local population that this industrial complex will fundamentally change the character of the landscape and what do you think about that?

And the meeting you reported on between local representatives, the Planning Inspectorate and developer Progress Power, why was that not publicised heavily in advance so that we could all contribute to the body of opinion?

The answer seems to be, because local opinion doesn’t count. Councillor McGregor urges us, in your report that “it is important not to fight the scheme” (the power station), that’s because it’s part of the government’s National Infrastructure Plan. Is that the same plan, do you think, that filled the nation with wind turbines that now aren’t as efficient as first thought and require the back-up of fossil-fuelled power generation? Not hard to see how a person could end up cynical about such things.

Politicians seem to have forgotten that they are elected to pursue the interests of the electorate, they’re supposed to work for us, and that involves not just asking what we think, but also listening to the answers and acting upon them.

Councillor McGregor implores us to “get as much out of the developer as you possibly can”, before it comes to that, I’d like to see us get as much out of our politicians as we possibly can.

Brett Fraser

Victoria Hill