Reader letter: ‘Every pound spent on wind turbines could be better used elsewhere’

Reader Letters from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter
Reader Letters from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter

Felicity Garey is right, the array of gigantic wind turbines at Eye is definitely eye-catching.

A dubious distraction when driving along the already lethal A140. And the fact that she accuses locals of NIMBYism when she lives in Risby brought a wry smile, her back yard isn’t even a distant speck from here.

The trouble with these on-shore turbines is what they bring with them. Maximum power output gleefully quoted in brochures and press releases is nonsense because of the unreliability of wind. Therefore Eye must have a gas-fired power station built on productive farmland to plug the gap in power production from the turbines, (a power station powered by a fossil fuel often in perilously short supply during periods of peak demand, from a pipeline controlled by a country with which Britain has a tetchy relationship.)

The prospect of the gas-fired power station creates a wonderful precedent for Mid Suffolk District Council and Suffolk District Council to propose paving over all the farmland in that part of Eye (let’s not call it Eye Airfield, because in reality it’s farmland with some wider than normal concrete tracks criss-crossing it).

There will be up to 3,000 jobs, the councillors crow, except that the industries they wish to encourage are of the high-tech persuasion, which typically have extremely low workforce density for the footprint of their building, and what are the chances of huge numbers of local workers having the relevant qualifications for those high-tech industries?

I’m not oblivious to the grace of the turbines, but every pound invested in their construction is a pound not being spent on developing tidal energy production, which will be reliable without the need for gas-fired back up, because if the tides were to fail, we’d all have rather more to worry about than not being able to boil a kettle.

Brett Fraser

Victoria Hill,