Schoolboy meets rock heroes Metallica

A teenager's dreams have come true after he met global rock giants Metallica.

Attleborough High School pupil Andrew Ladell benefitted from children's charity Dreams Come True, which organised the meeting at the band's London O2 arena concert.

He said: "It was a dream – they are my favourite band and I met every one of them."

Andrew suffers from Crohn's Disease, a condition that causes inflammation of the digestive tract.

A year ago Andrew was so ill he had to try an experimental new drug, Infliximab, to stop him wasting away.

The treatment, which involves a gruelling day at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital every six to eight weeks for an infusion, will be taken by Andrew for the rest of his life.

Andrew, who has been a Metallica fan for two years and plays their songs on guitar, met the band with his family backstage before the gig in March.

He rubbed shoulders with band members Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Robert Trujillo.

He said: "It was just extremely exciting and the band were all really friendly."

"I just talked to them. They asked how long I had been playing guitar and they signed my guitar and programme."

His mum Michelle Weir said: "It was just amazing.

"His guitar playing has given him something to focus on through his illness because he can't do some of the things his peers can.

"The dream has come true and the band were really great to us."

Pre-owned goods retailer Cash Converters put 25,000 of recent fundraising into charity Dreams Come True and some of that helped pay for the experience.

Chief executive of Cash Converters, Mark Lemmon, said: "The whole company has thoroughly enjoyed raising money for Dreams Come True.

"Staff and franchisee owners have really helped to support our initiatives to make a difference at a time when charities, like all of us, are finding it more and more difficult to raise funds."